ATC Communications offers a complete home managed wifi solution for the home and business. Whether your signal doesn’t reach across the home, you have a second story that needs better signal or you have too many competing networks in range, wireless network extenders are a great way to boost your wireless signal for data-hungry devices like phones, laptops and tablets. Plus, with AC connectivity, your network can run faster than ever.

Wi-Fi Assurance Plus

Wi-Fi Assurance Plus – A hassle-free way to protect your home network and provide a premium Wi-Fi service for one low price. From your back patio to your home theater, ATC Wi-Fi Assurance makes it possible for you to enjoy reliable, secure and fast Internet access points. Once a plan is in place, our technicians will position a high-quality Wi-Fi modem, additional access points and basically everything needed to get the job done. It’s that easy! And if it ever breaks, we fix it for free. Complete home Wi-Fi access, plus a little peace of mind.

  • Total home Coverage
  • Hands-off network setup
  • Included support + Wi-Fi analytics

$7.95/Mo – We’ll install and manage two Wi-Fi Access Points throughout your home. Requires Connect Assurance. $99 Installation. $4.95 for each additional Access Point/Mo.

Tax not included

Point-to-point wireless radio link

A no nonsense way to extend a home network Internet service to an off-site building or office that is too far for normal Wi-Fi to reach.  Point-to-Point Assurance makes it easy for you to make this happen. ATC will perform an on-site analysis, propose a design, and provide professional installation of all equipment necessary to build a link. Best of all, if it ever quits working or simply needs some attention, Point-to-Point Assurance provides you with free technical support and protects you from costly repairs or replacements.

Includes a WiFi Access Point at the remote location.
300.00 Installation Per Radio

Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points

The best choice for outdoor Wi-Fi.  Designed to be installed outdoors, these dedicated Wi-Fi Access Points are the most effective way to cover your property.  Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points can reach distances of 300 feet and provide coverage for Wi-Fi security cameras and other devices, extended Wi-Fi calling for your cell phone when cell service is low, or ensure fast reliable Wi-Fi to your outdoor living spaces.

$500 Installation fee
Requires Connect Assurance

Tax not included

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