ATC Communications offers clear and reliable telephone service to Arapahoe, Brule, Farnam, Hendley, Holbrook, Loomis, and Overton.

We offer packages for residential and business-class service. If you’re interested in saving money by bundling Internet, take a look at our Internet bundles!

Long Distance Rate$0.15/min
Installation Fee$60.00
Long Distance Plus
Long Distance Rate$0.10/min
Installation Fee$60.00

Calling Features

These additional features give you some flexible tools for handling phone calls.
Local calls are always free!

Basic Voice Mail - $3.00/mo

Standard Voice Mail, limit one account per number.

Enhanced Voice Mail - $5.00/mo

Gives you more storage in your Voice Mail and allows you to use separate voicemail accounts on the same number.

Replaces Basic Voice Mail.

Basic Caller ID - $3.00/mo

Supplies the number of the person calling.

Full Caller ID - $5.00/mo

In addition to showing the number of the person calling, you’ll also see the person’s name, if available.

Replaces Basic Caller ID.

3-Way Calling - $3.00/mo

This feature allows you to make a call while holding a previously established connection, which allows you to start a conference call with three or more people.

To establish a second connection:

1. Tap your hookswitch. Listen for three bursts of dial tone.

2. Dial number of the third party.

3. If third party does not answer, tap your hookswitch to return to the original call.

4. When the third party answers, tap your hookswitch to set up a three-way conference. If either of the other two parties hangs up first, you will still be connected to the remaining party. If , however, you hang up first, all connections are released.

Call Forwarding - $3.00/mo

Permits you to have calls to your number forwarded to another number when you plan to be away for an extended period of time. Long distance charges may apply.

Subscriber Controlled:

1. Dial *72. After a four-second pause, you will hear a dial tone.

2. Dial the number to which calls are to be forwarded. You will hear a regular ring. When someone answers, the call forwarding is in effect. If the line is busy or nobody answers, hang up and immediately repeat steps 1 and 2. When you hear two beeps, the service is in effect. No answer is necessary. You may verify the call forwarding is working by redialing *72. A rapid busy indicates the service is in effect.

3. To restore normal service, dial *73. After a four second pause, two beeps indicate that all forwarding arrangements has been cancelled.

4. When call forwarding is in effect, your telephone will ring once each time your number is dialed, but you cannot answer.


If you choose to always forward your telephone to one specific number, ATC can program that specific number in our equipment so all you have to do is dial *68 to activate and *88 to deactivate. For more information please call ATC at 308-962-7298.

Call Waiting - $3.00/mo

Enables you to recognize and answer an incoming call received while you are busy with a previously established call.

You are notified of the incoming call by a burst of tone. You can tap your hookswitch or flash key to place the original call on hold and answer the incoming call. A second tap or flash reconnects you to the original call. Subsequent taps or flashes will switch you from one call to the other.

When you hear the call waiting tone, and you wish to terminate the original call, simply hang up. The waiting call will then ring your line and you can answer in the normal manner.

Telemarketer Do Not Disturb - $3.00/mo

Cut the number of telemarketing calls you receive to nearly nothing. By activating this service as described below you can lighten the burden of unwanted solicitation.

Activate telemarketer do not disturb:
Pick up receiver, dial *78, hang up.

Deactivate telemarketer do not disturb:
Pick up receiver, dial *79, hang up.You must have Caller ID feature for Telemarketer Do Not Disturb to work.

Any type of phone number associated with the call will come through.