SOHO Internet Service is an internet access option for the user who requires a more robust service. It is intended to be a best effort service with qualities similar to Ethernet Private Line Service but at a price comparable to basic High Speed Internet Service.

Max DownloadMax UploadPrice/moContractInstall Fee
2 Mbps2 Mbps50.00/mo1 year/none99.00/199.00
5 Mbps2 Mbps80.00/mo1 year/none99.00/199.00
8 Mbps4 Mbps120.00/mo1 year/none99.00/199.00
12 Mbps4 Mbps160.00/mo1 year/none99.00/199.00
20 Mbps8 Mbps250.00/mo1 year/none99.00/199.00
50 Mbps10 Mbps350.00/mo1 year/none99.00/199.00
  • All SOHO Services come with 10 email accounts included.
  • Static IP addresses available for $5.00/mo
  • Prices include all fees except Sales Tax.
Ethernet Private Line Service

Ethernet Private Line (EPL) service allows your organization to meet the demand of bandwidth-intensive applications with flexible, scalable point-to-point configurations delivering high-capacity connections between 2 or more sites. EPL is a reliable high bandwidth alternative to traditional TDM private line service, allowing you to connect your Customer Premise Equipment using a lower cost Ethernet interface.

TransportInstall Fee1 Year3 Year5 Year
5 Mbps1500.00250.00/mo225.00/mo200.00/mo100.00/mo
10 Mbps1500.00400.00/mo360.00/mo320.00/mo200.00/mo
20 Mbps1500.00800.00/mo720.00/mo640.00/mo400.00/mo
30 Mbps1500.001000.00/mo900.00/mo800.00/mo600.00/mo
40 Mbps1500.001200.00/mo1080.00/mo960.00/mo800.00/mo
50 Mbps1500.001250.00/mo1125.00/mo1000.00/mo1000.00/mo
  • Internet Access cost is separate from 1, 3 and 5-year plan prices.
  • Transport speeds stay the same rate going either direction.
  • Static IP addresses available for $5.00/mo
  • Prices include all fees except Sales Tax.