Service Types

What’s the difference between Wireless, DSL and Cable?


Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connections give you an internet connection through copper telephone lines. These are solid, physical connections the whole way through, offering a stable and dedicated line to the world.


Wireless connections go through the air connecting communities miles apart from each other in mere milliseconds. The microwaves can withstand all sorts of weather conditions and supply a connection to people living miles out of town without having to bury cable all the way.


This type of connection uses the Cable Television connection to access the Internet. As with DSL, it’s a physical connection all the way through the network. Currently, these connections are available only in Elwood.


Fiber-optic connections use light to pass data. These instant connections offer the lowest latency available, but it’s only available in certain areas. An incredible connection for people who need it; call in to see if we can install to your home or business!