ATC Communications has committed millions of dollars to provide our customers with the latest advantages in communications and to enhance our ability to manage the continual change of technology. Digital technology and fiber optics assure our customers faster, clearer connections… greater capacity… lower cost over the long run…less maintenance and fewer service interruptions.

Our state-of-the-art Service Center is on alert 24 hours a day. From this remote site, our technicians can test any line throughout our systems to identify and locate problems, and direct a repair often times before the customer knows a problem exists. In order to keep pace with new, emerging technology, ATC Communications is committed to keeping its employees well versed in all areas of the telecommunications arena to better serve our customers.

ATC Communications Commitment To Rural Nebraska

In small towns all across America, the telephone company has always meant more to its customers than a mere service provider. Today the telephone company is called upon to be an information source, an assurance of help in emergencies, and a leader in the community. ATC Communications is proud to fulfill these roles and has committed resources to help nourish the continued development of rural Nebraska.

Our Participation in the legislative process on both the State and Federal levels has given a voice to the rural point of view on the impact of pending laws and policies. In addition, our continuing involvement and assistance in local economic development has resulted in various improvements throughout our service area. ATC Communications believes in the future of our rural communities and is committed to supporting areas such as education, economic development, and health services.

Fulfilling a role as a leader, ATC Communications is using technology to improve the quality of rural life and guide the way to a better future for rural Nebraska.

Experience You Can Depend On

For nearly 100 years, ATC Communications, a family owned and operated business, has been firmly rooted in rural Nebraska. Today we link seven small communities to the rest of the world through the most advanced telecommunications services available. ATC Communications strives to bring the rest of the world into the homes and businesses of rural Nebraska through state-of-the-art telephone service. Providing telecommunications to rural areas poses challenges and concerns that other telephone companies do not experience. Despite these challenges we believe our rural customers should have the best services available.