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ATC Communications

Extend Your Wifi

ATC Communications now offers various devices that can extend the range of your local wireless network. Whether your signal doesn't reach across the home, you have a second story that needs better signal or you have too many competing networks in range, wireless network extenders are a great way to boost your wireless signal for data-hungry devices like phones, laptops and tablets. Plus, with AC connectivity, your network can run faster than ever.

AC Wireless

The new standard in wifi networks is AC. With an AC router and wireless extender, your network can be future-proofed for years to come.

  • Potential for speeds greater than 6Gbps
  • Stream music, HD movies and other data-intense content over the fastest current standard
  • Prepare your home wifi for new devices using AC

Wi-Fi Repeaters

These devices take an existing wireless signal and relay it to another part of the home. Completely wireless and self-contained, they can fit into many areas that would be difficult with other types of equipment and leave a minimal footprint.

Powerline Adapters

Powerline Adapters utilize the electrical outlets in your home to transfer data directly through the electrical wiring in your home. This directly connects two points with Gigabit speeds, all without having to wire other cables throughout the house. You'll need one for each end of the connection.

Looking for business-grade or outdoor-strength signal?

Call us to find out about Blue-Socket devices and installation rates.

Prices do not include optional professional installation, which starts at $90 for an normal install with no complications.

Taxes are not included in prices or estimates.

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